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Age Of Speed – A free Racing Game Sorry, Age Of Speed is no longer available: (Why not play one of the games related to Age Of Speed instead? Age Of Speed Game – Play Age Of Speed Game online for free only at Zapak! Click to play Age Of Speed Game! Master the race tracks of the future as you . Mar 13,  · Kongregate free online game Age of Speed Underworld – The survival of mankind has been threatened after an asteroid hit the Earth. The peaceful plan. Play Age of Speed Underworld/5.


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Mar 13,  · Scientist’s from around the globe has created the most technically advanced vehicle for you to race to the centre of the earth to extract the element. Time is of the essence as you speed through the Earth’s core defense lines. Power Ups and upgrades can assist your mission to save humanity in Age of Speed Underworld. Added on 13 Mar %(27). Age Of Speed Game – Play Age Of Speed Game online for free only at Zapak! Click to play Age Of Speed Game! Master the race tracks of the future as you . Age of Speed Click Here to Play! Description: Master the race tracks of the future as you tackle huge jumps in Age of Speed! Games Being Played Now!
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Prospects for the use of CMOS in “systems-on-a-chip”

At the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco, Dennis Buss, CTO at Texas Instruments, said that, according to the company, low-power CMOS technology is the most promising for building future miniature internet devices. Analog and RF devices, still a sticking point, according to TI, could be “reconfigured” for CMOS compatibility. Bass gave many reasons in support of his opinion, which was a big surprise for those who already believed in the futility of further development of CMOS.

First, Bass confirmed that low-voltage CMOS processes make the most sense for cost-effective system-on-chip (SoC) integration. Therefore, in order to successfully complete attempts to integrate peripheral devices into one microcircuit, it is advisable to use a CMOS modification with a minimum number of additional masking steps.

Integration of a microprocessor with an area of ​​50 sq. mm with built-in memory of the same area will not only increase the number of masking stages from 26 to 32, but will also reduce the output of finished products and, accordingly, will lead to a significant increase in the cost of the product. Therefore, at the moment, on-board memory is not suitable for SoC component candidates. Nevertheless, a large number of analog and high-voltage devices are known that could be adapted for CMOS with the simplest possible technological process.

Bass cited 2.5 / 3G cell phone, also called MP3 players and future wearable computers. Currently, the main module of such devices is almost always manufactured using CMOS technology for digital microcircuits, other parts of the device, such as transceiver modules, codecs, power control modules, use other technological processes: CMOS for analog microcircuits, BiCMOS and SiGe. With proper reconfiguration, it is possible to use sigma-delta codecs, for example, using CMOS for both digital and analog microcircuits, and RF modules can use BiCMOS and SiGe as bipolar implants.

Low-voltage CMOSs ​​are usually smaller, so analog engineers will have to deal with mismatching MOSFETs, capacitors, and resistors. Nevertheless, despite the challenges facing the industry, there are potential solutions to them, and in the future, perhaps we will see a chip that combines a microprocessor, a transceiver device and a power control unit.

Source: EE Times

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