Amd radeon hd 7700 overclock.”AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series” recommended OC settings


Amd radeon hd 7700 overclock


Architecture.Radeon HD overclocking | Tom’s Hardware Forum


May 12,  · 10, 0. May 12, #4. My HD is running from stock / to / now. That doesn’t mean that your will, the best thing to do is to increse gpu and mem clock by 10 mhz until you get a stable overclock. Turn up the fan speed as well have fun. Feb 14,  · Head on over to the next page where we’ll meet and greet Cape Verde, aka Radeon HD series Overclocking The Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 77review – Overclocking The Graphics Card. Dec 23,  · Hey all, I just bought myself a new Sapphire Radeon HD and so far i’m very pleased. I just wanted to see if I could boost the performance a little but every time i try to overclock just a little, the drivers crash during gameplay or stress testing. The stock clocks are at core and


Amd radeon hd 7700 overclock.AMD Radeon HD and review – Overclocking The Graphics Card

Feb 14,  · Head on over to the next page where we’ll meet and greet Cape Verde, aka Radeon HD series Overclocking The Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 77review – Overclocking The Graphics Card. Feb 14,  · The typical board power figures for the Radeon HD GPUs are also claimed by its makers to be extremely low. XFX HD Black Edition Super Overclock XFX has done extensive cooling changes to their card. We see a similar cooler design as on the company’s HD Series – just a smaller version.5/5. Mar 08,  · Overclocking AMD Radeon HD GPU help/advice I’ve been playing games on the GPU and it’s nice in it’s default state, but I’d like to try to push it further to see where it’s limit is. I’m a bit new to overclocking so I’m using the Catalyst Control Center because it’s already on my PC.
Radeon HD 7770 overclocking
“AMD Radeon HD Series” recommended OC settings | Tom’s Hardware Forum

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New for musicians from Music And More

The German company Music And More (MAM), known to musicians around the world for its relatively inexpensive analog devices, which are used in full force in modern music, has introduced several new devices.

Warp 9 is a classic analog MIDI controlled multi-mode filter. The analog filter circuit is modeled on the legendary EDP Wasp device (1978.). Resonant filter 12 dB switchable between lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch modes.

Thanks to the VCA included in the signal path, the output volume can also be modulated. The filter has a switchable Distortion effect.

Warp 9 has a huge number of modulation sources (ADSR envelope with delay effect, LFO, velocity, key follow, etc.). d.). Settings can be saved in one of the 32 memory locations of the device. Warp 9 has an approximate retail price of $ 195. A brief description of:

  • Filter: VCF
  • Cutoff: 12 dB / oct
  • Filter types: lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch
  • Modulation source: LFO, envelopes and MIDI control simultaneously
  • Distortion: switchable
  • Envelopes: 1 ADSR
  • Low Frequency LFO: 9 Waveforms
  • Memory: 32 cells

MAM RS-3 analog resonant filter will allow you to create your own unique sounds of familiar and hackneyed samples. If you’ve used Korg PS series products, the sound of the RS 3 will probably sound familiar to you.

RS 3 has three resonant filters. With the built-in LFO, you can create interesting sound effects and give your synthesizers and sound modules a new flavor. Approximate retail price of the device – $ 195.

A brief description of:

  • Filter: 3 parallel tunable filters
  • Modulation: LFO; envelope, manual control, external CV
  • LFO: triangular waveform, intensity adjustment, 3 modes
  • ENV: different envelope for each filter, polarity +/-, intensity, adjustable decay time
  • Others: bypass switch, volume control, resonance-mix; panorama

MAM MB-33 II Bass Synthesizer is a monophonic analog synthesizer (which mainly uses transistors), sounding very similar to the famous Roland TB 303. Oscillator MB-33 II reproduces sawtooth and rectangular waveforms, it is also possible to mix the signal of the sub-oscillator.

The MB-33 II has a pitch bead control (+/- semitone), slide function. Oscillator tone range – four octaves. The low-pass bandpass filter has an envelope slope of 18 dB / oct.

The MB-33 II is equipped with controls for the cutoff frequency of the filter (from 20 Hz to 20 kHz), the level of resonance and the degree of influence of the envelope on the filter. In addition, the module has the following controls: envelope decay time (from 200 ms to 2.5 s.), accent level (accent occurs when notes with a dynamics value greater than 120), distortion level and output level.

Device parameters can be controlled via MIDI from an external controller or sequencer. Parameters such as cutoff frequency, resonance, envelope level and decay time, accent and distortion level and slide are available for MIDI messages. Three LFOs (the first two are freely assignable, the third is hard-wired to pan) can produce the following waveforms: triangle, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, square, random, noise. LFO frequency MIDI sync possible. Approximate price of the device – $ 345.

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