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Arx 160 advanced warfare


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Call of Duty Ghosts (COD Ghosts) ARX loadouts are located on this page. Find the best setup for the Call of Duty Ghosts (COD Ghosts) ARX here. You no longer need to register to submit or vote on loadouts, but there are still many benefits to registering. Weapon Variants of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Assault Rifles. Bal · AK12 · ARX · HBRa3 · IMR · MK14 · AE4 (Havoc DLC) · STG44 (Update) · AK47 (Update) · M16 (Update) · Lever Action (Update) · M1 Garand (Update) Submachine Guns. Nov 15,  · The ARX is a three round burst assualt rifle that has the best range for its class. advertisement.


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IMR base vs. ARX base wise I would have to go with the IMR. The IMR would take 1-burst at medium range, however since it’s extremely accurate and RPM is high, you’re most likely be able to win most battles with this weapon vs. the ARX. The stat charge shown on doc’s page shows rpm, however that’s only if you’re bursting. Mar 24,  · Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s ARX Delivers the Best Kill-Death Ratio The company might be thinking about a new balance pass Mar . The ARX is an absolute monster in Hardcore with Quickdraw, Laser Sight, Red Dot. I often fly through the air in Dom and just point and shoot getting kills in a single leap. level 2.
The company might be thinking about a new balance pass
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Compaq starts selling blade servers

Compaq announces the launch of its so-called BL-series blades, also known as QuickBlade. These “thin” servers are distinguished by the fact that they allow “stuffing” a server rack with a large number of devices (up to 280), while taking up a minimum of space.

It is believed that the companies engaged in the development of blade servers are a little late, and the need for them is not so great now, since the activity of Internet companies and providers and, accordingly, the procurement of equipment, has noticeably decreased. Nevertheless, many analysts believe that blade servers will become very popular in the near future, especially after the development of software for their management is completed.

The first Compaq server to go on sale will be the BL10e, based on a 700 MHz Pentium III processor.

Up to 20 BL10e servers can be installed inside a 5.25 ” (133mm) high rack equipped with 1GB memory, two Ethernet adapters and a hard drive. One such “blade” will cost about $ 1599, and 10 such servers, put in a rack – about $ 15191.

Compaq claims that such systems will become very popular for Internet applications, in particular for building complete solutions for web sites.

The next series, p-Class, will be more powerful than the starting e-Class servers. The p-Class will host servers containing two and four processors.

Incidentally, Hewlett-Packard, which is seeking to acquire Compaq, is still ahead of the second in the blade server market, mainly due to the use of CompactPCI technology.

It is known that IBM and other server manufacturers – Dell and Sun, are also actively developing such server systems. However, even state-of-the-art servers are hard to imagine without the appropriate software. Compaq Adaptive Infrastructure software (adaptive, or rebuildable, infrastructure) allows you to simultaneously manage server groups, as well as switch server groups from one task to another, quickly install programs directly to server groups and allocate server resources – processors and memory, for specific programs.

In addition, Compaq introduced the second generation of its two compact processor DL-360 servers with a thickness of 4.5 cm. DL360 has dedicated remote administration hardware designed to make life easier for system administrators.Source: CNet

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