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Description: VGA driver for ASRock H67M-GE/­HT VGA driver ver To support Intel’s 3rd Generation (Ivy Bridge) CPU, corresponding BIOS, drivers and AXTU update are . We use cookies to offer you a more personalized and smoother experience. By visiting this website, you agree to our use of cookies. If you prefer not to accept. Mar 27,  · The AXTU that ships with the H67M-GE/HT is essentially the same software that comes with the P67 Extreme4, except it comes with all .


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Download Asrock H67M-GE/HT Bios (BIOS) Fixes: Improve Security Password. ASRock instant flash Method 1: Save the BIOS files on a device such as USB disk (FAT32 format), hard disk (FAT32 format) and floppy drive. ASRock H67M-GE/HT Motherboard Page 29 Unscrew the two screws from the Front USB Put the USB cable and the rear Panel. USB bracket together. Step 3 Step 4 Screw the two screws into the rear USB Put the rear USB bracket into the bracket. chassis. H67M-GE/HT. Intel ® HD Graphics /、新しい視覚特長, DX, Pixel Shader ASRock Extreme チューニングユーティリティ (AXTU), グラフィカル UEFI, Instant Boot, Instant Flash, グッドナイト LED, APP Charger. 本体付属品: 1 フロント USB パネル, 1 リアパネルに USB Gen1 用.
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Rambus support in SiS chipsets?

Curious rumors appeared on the web the other day. Many people are talking about the fact that SiS, it is quite possible, can present its solution for P4 and RDRAM.

At first glance, this makes little sense. Why do you need a competitor for your own, very good DDR chipset SiS645? And the industry has now almost completely switched to DDR.

But you can also look at it from the other side. And what should owners of systems based on i850 do when this chipset is about to be discontinued?? But SiS began to produce chipsets objectively… Suddenly SiS will be able to make a sensible chipset with a 4-channel RDRAM interface, which Intel has already abandoned?

But let’s finish the lyrical digression and move on to something more specific: the quite authoritative CNet (in which, by the way, Intel is officially investing money) let slip about the support of Rambus from SiS. It is said that the company is still considering this opportunity and, perhaps, work on its creation has already begun.

Well what can I add. Doubtful but curious.

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