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Some of these extension sites primarily deals with information on one digital currency such as Bitcoins, Blockchain, Ethereum, Monero and so on, while some sites give information on any kind of digital currency. Extra Features Some of these extension sites make use open source third party software using their API documentation. Jul 31,  · Finally a working currency converter extension. It only allows you to do one at a time – but at least it works. Hopefully in the future they allow us to (i) add multiple currencies so we can can /5(). May 18,  · The Currency Converter gives you an easy way for converting currency and gives you an easy way to change your Chrome Browser new tab .


Currency converter chrome extension.Currency Converter PRO – Chrome Web Store

Chrome Extension – Select a currency and click the extension. Install. Use this USD to TRY Currency Converter. Development. Follow this steps Google Documentation. Usage. You should select currency with USD symbol then just click the extension icon or use the default keyboard shortcut of Ctrl/CMD-Shift-M to activate the extension, that’s it. May 18,  · The Currency Converter gives you an easy way for converting currency and gives you an easy way to change your Chrome Browser new tab . Currency Converter provides today’s live and historical currency exchange rates for free. All currency conversion rates are the average of various bank exchange rates. Saved by Blogger. Free Free Online Tools Exchange Rate Converter Chrome Extension Conversion Rate. More information.
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We fight pirates, shooting buyers?
As part of the fight against piracy, on the fields of which Napster has already fallen, MP3 was seriously, several webmasters went to court for uploading the DeCSS program, another blow was organized: the discs of the new Natalie Imbruglia album went on sale, in which BMG Entertainment has built new protection against illegal copying. The point of protection is that errors are intentionally inserted into the disc, which the error handling mechanism in CD-audio is able to overcome, but the CD-ROM (and especially CD-RW) concludes that there are too many errors and the disc is unreadable.

However, something didn’t work out. According to one of the versions, the discs did not indicate that protection would be applied, and users listening to discs on a PC simply decided that the discs were defective. According to others, there is something wrong with the protection mechanism itself. Be that as it may, at the moment in England there is an exchange of “progressive discs”.

This situation creates (and exacerbates) a number of problems.

Firstly, this step testifies to the more and more freewheeling treatment of the market by record companies, when the release of a simply non-working product is not considered a big crime: after all, you cannot create an MP3 from a non-working disc!

Secondly, it turned out that BMG simply framed the seller (in this case, Virgin Megastore), to whom the main claims go. Naturally, there they are referred to the true “hero of the occasion”, but, you know, “the remainder remained… Considering that record companies are now creating their own distribution networks (by the way, using the same Internet…), depriving resellers of work, this event is unlikely to improve relations between them.

Thirdly, there is also such an aspect as user rights. After all, if a person buys something, then it is quite obvious that he would like to use it as convenient as possible, isn’t it? And so that you can listen anywhere, and that… and to… But no! Who is more important with us? New discs can no longer be played on the computer. If you want to listen to music – buy a separate player. The next step here may well be the introduction of a new type of media, suitable only for playing music.
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