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Dragon age origins storage chest


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No item storage in the camp. However, if you have the Warden’s Keep DLC, after you complete it, there will be a chest outside where you can store everything. Apr 07,  · The Storage Chest is a unique chest in Dragon Age II that can be used to store an infinite amount of equipment. It never resets, and chest contents are automatically transferred between acts and locations. 1 Location Act 1 Acts 2–3 Endgame Legacy 2 Bugs It is located in Gamlen’s House beside the Writing Desk and Leandra Amell. The storage chest is located on the . Mar 17,  · You are correct that the Blood Dragon breastplate should appear in your inventory once you’ve completed the intro (through Ostagar and the first visit to Camp.) But I can assure you that the one-and-only “storage chest” is found at Soldier’s Peak after you complete that ted Reading Time: 3 mins.


Dragon age origins storage chest.Is there a item storage in the camp? – Dragon Age: Origins Q&A for Xbox – GameFAQs

Spawns a storage chest at the party camp. Only works in the main camp, some versions where combat or cutscenes take place will not have access to the chest. If you don’t see the chest, leave the camp and come back again. Sep 08,  · 2. Download file to your desktop (or wherever you like). 3. Open the “daupdater” program in your \Dragon Age\bin_ship directory (usually C:\Programs\Dragon Age\bin_ship). 4. Drag-and-drop the file to be installed into the updater window; it should appear in the updater window in the “Content Name” column. 5. May 30,  · MerAnne’s Camp Storage adds 4 storage containers and an altar that provides ‘material’ leveling functionality. The altar provides the options for the GW to level 1) the equipment that she/he is wearing, 2) all inventory in the backpack.
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Is there a item storage in the camp?
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