Dune hd tv-102 reset.WHY DUNE HD


Dune hd tv-102 reset


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In order to enter the menu you need to stop the playback first. To enter the setup menu, press SETUP on your RC or enter the Setup folder in the Main screen of the player (the file browser showing the root folder). To exit the setup menu, press SETUP once again, or press the RETURN button. To browse the setup menu, use RC buttons Up, Down. Feb 05,  · Switch the player off (using the power button on the player). Attach the USB flash drive with the “dune_” file to the player. Switch the player on. The player should detect the USB flash drive and automatically start firmware recovery procedure. You Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Rename the firmware DFF file on the HDD into “dune_”. Switch the player on. The player should boot using the “dune_” file on the HDD. Perform the usual firmware upgrade procedure. Switch the player off. Remove the “dune_” file from the HDD. Switch the player on. The recovered firmware should load in the usual way.


Dune hd tv-102 reset.Troubleshooting

Unique features of Realtek models. • Dolby Vision, HDR10+, YouTube 4K HDR (in the latest models on the newest RTD) • Blu-ray 4K Menu (best-in-class Blu-ray menu implementation, with full seamless branching support) • HD audio, 3D video. • Convenient Dune HD UI, with full Movie Catalogue and Automated Movie Collection. Dune HD TV is an ultra compact IPTV/VOD/OTT solution with extended media player functionality offering attractive design, competitive price and high performance, the Dune HD TV is a versatile device for Operators needing large quantities as well as . Dune HD TV is an all-in-one solution for up to Full HD (p) video playback. Key Features The newest Sigma Designs SMPx media processor: enjoy excellent playback and performance of interactive features. HDD player: connect an HDD to the player and play content directly from the HDD.
DUNE HD TV-102 Connection And Use
DUNE HD Interface, Movies catalog, My Collection, mobile app and more
DUNE HD TV-102 Quick Start Manual
Setup Menu
Dune Firmware Zone / Dune HD TV (tv)
External IEEE 1394 DVD-RAM / R drive from Matsushita

Matsushita Electric starts selling the LF-D340JD external DVD-RAM / R drive with IEEE 1394 interface from the end of September at the price of 64,800 yen ($ 530).

The model runs under Windows 98 SE / ME / 2000 and is based on the LF-D321JD internal DVD-RAM / R drive with ATAPI interface released in July. The drive can be operated in an upright position and writes DVD-R and DVD-RAM discs with a capacity of 4.7 GB. Dimensions LF-D340JD – 176 x 251 x 53.5 mm, weight – about 1.7 kg. Source: PC Watch

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