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Hey all. Recently switched to Fchat and like, it’s great! But I wish there was a way to save my log files on a cloud. I use dropbox for all my documents and pictures, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to tell fchat where to pull logs from and change the . Sep 17,  · This repository contains the open source parts of F-list and F-Chat All necessary files to build F-Chat as an Electron, mobile or web application are included. Setting up a Dev Environment. A heavily customized F-Chat client F-Chat Rising is an extended version of the original F-Chat client with new features, bug fixes, and usability improvements. You’ll connect with the same F-List, same players, and same channels you’re already used to. You’ll just do it with style!


F-chat 3.0.GitHub – f-list/exported: Exported assets + chat client.

The F-Chat websocket sends and receives messages to/from every user. Each message has a “command” attached to each one, followed by a JSON object of some kind. For example, if a message has the “MSG” command attached to it, that means that command is related to a message sent in a channel. A heavily modded F-Chat client for F-List. Contribute to mrstallion/fchat-rising development by creating an account on GitHub. Last few days something happened. I dunno what, but F-Chat is % unable to connect. I can -sometimes- connect via , but I can never connect to channels, etc. I have fantastic internet, and no hiccups to speak of. Streaming never drops, etc. I dont know what happened in the last days, but it’s broken F-Chat for me.

A heavily customized F-Chat 3.0 client
F-Chat Rising | Heavily modded F-Chat client

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GitHub – BuildABuddha/fchatpy: A python library to create bots for the F-Chat websocket.
Solaris 9 for x86 is being delayed
Sun Microsystems recently announced that it will release its Solaris 9 UNIX system this year for its own UltraSPARC processors only. A version for 32-bit Intel processors was also planned, however, according to the leadership of Sun, due to “economic reasons” the development of the x86 version was suspended.

The company plans to release Solaris 9 for the Intel platform, but will do so later and will not rush to develop it. “We want to spend our money wiser in the current economic climate,” a Sun spokesman said.

However, the postponement of the x86 version really makes sense – the company will earn more if its servers and workstations are bought for its new OS than Intel servers, on which much more server operating systems can be installed.

Actually, since early 2000, when Sun refused to develop Solaris for IA64, and generally adapt this standard, Sun and Intel have not been on the best terms.

Test versions of Solaris 9 were already available in October for both platforms, and the new test version due next week will be UltraSPARC-only. For those who still want Solaris for x86, version 8 is available, which Sun will sell for another 2 years.

Source: CNet

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