Gtx titan z waterblock.EK-FC Titan Z for NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX Titan Z released


Gtx titan z waterblock


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Product description Full Cover GTX Titan / / Ti Water-Block with multiport connector and a stainless steel plate between the copper base and the acrylic. This allows use of LED lighting, while keeping the strength and reliability of an all metal waterblock. The new multiport connector gives you many choices for neatly routing your tubing/5(10). Dec 26,  · The Koolance VID-NXTTN2 is a full coverage video block for water cooling NVIDIA reference GeForce GTX TITAN, TITAN Black, GTX , and GTX Ti cards in single and multi video card configurations. It utilizes a high-performance microfin (mm) design made of solid copper with anti-corrosive nickel plating. Koolance ACC-PLTNXTTNX Back Plate for VID-NXTTNX Water Block (NVIDIA GeForce GTX Ti, TITAN X Video Card) Model #: A00W8N Item #: 9SIAE87A3J Return .


Gtx titan z waterblock.EK-FC Titan Z Water Block for NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z Released | TechPowerUp Forums

Plus new matching waterblock. Like new, opened, inspected, but never used or installed ASUS GeForce GTX Titan date: Mar 15, May 29,  · EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana-based premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to introduce world first Full Cover water block for NVIDIA flagship dual-processor graphics card GeForce GTX Titan Z. EK-FC Titan Z directly cools the GPU, RAM as well as VRM (voltage regulation module) as water flows directly over these critical areas thus allowing the graphics card and it’s VRM to remain Cooling: Noctua NH-U14S. PC water cooling water blocks are the first point of contact between the heat from your PC and the coolant in your custom water loop. The water block is a heatsink which absorbs heat from a heat load like a CPU or GPU and transfers it to the coolant so it can be dissipated by the radiator.
EVGA releases GeForce® GTX TITAN Z Hydro Copper
ASUS GeForce GTX Titan Z, never used. Plus new matching waterblock. | eBay
VID-NXTTN2 Water Block (NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN/Black, 780/Ti Video Card)
Bottom panel for Description
EVGA releases GeForce® GTX TITAN Z Hydro Copper –
Palm clone?

Surprising information – Hong Kong company PC Chips, apparently, will start releasing Palm-clones. The most interesting thing is that this clone will be almost identical to the usual Palm: the same Motorola DragonBall (although the clock speed is unknown), 2 MB of flash memory and 8 MB of RAM. But the most shocking price – $ 30!

What’s the matter? And the fact that the clone will not come with PalmOS, but with the so-called MiniOS. So no royalties are expected, respectively. However, later you can load PalmOS itself into flash.

An interesting move, you will not say anything. There is no official information on the PC Chips website yet, but this photo, in theory, was taken by an employee of this company.

It will be interesting to see if a sensation happens, and if so, what kind 🙂

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