How to delete facebook notes.Facebook Is Discontinuing Its Notes Feature for Pages and Individuals Despite Widespread Usage


How to delete facebook notes


Facebook doesn’t allow you to delete several notes at a time, but there is a solution.How to Delete Multiple Facebook Notes or Posts at a Time, Using iMacros in Firefox and Chrome


2) Timeline > Activity Log > in left column click MORE–select Notes filter. 3) Timeline > click About (Bio on iPhone) > scroll to Notes section. 4) Home News Feed > in left column under EXPLORE section click Notes > at top click ‘My Notes’ or ‘My drafts’. 5) > at top click ‘My notes’. You can request to have your Facebook account permanently deleted. Feb 03,  · Subscribe Now:?add_user=ehowtechWatch More: because you deleted a few notes on F.


How to delete facebook notes.Create, edit, or delete a note on Facebook | Just 4 Dummies – Life Made Easy

Oct 25,  · Delete a note manually: click on the View Full Note link; – when the full note loads, click the Delete link at the bottom of the note then click Confirm; 6. Click Stop in the iMacros panel; 7. You can request to have your Facebook account permanently deleted. Oct 31,  · Enable Facebook Notes on Your Profile. Sign in to Facebook and visit your profile page. Select the More option displayed in the horizontal menu found directly beneath your header photo. Select Manage Sections from the drop-down menu. Scroll down the list of options that pop up and make sure Notes is Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.
Create, edit, or delete a note on Facebook
How to enable Facebook notes on your profile
How to Use Facebook Notes
How to Use Facebook Notes
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