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Feb 08,  · Killing Floor 2 Tweaker v released! February 8, Games, News/Releases game, hidden settings, Killing Floor 2, Killing Floor 2 Tweaker, Tripwire Interactive, tweaker, tweaks. RejZoR. Another day, another huge update for the Killing Floor 2 Tweaker. Spend nearly 2 days testing parameters for shadows and finally managed to figure out correct ones (darn you Only Stream-In Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Control gameplay settings when playing Killing Floor 2 using this tweaker with intuitive options for audio, video, performance and more If you’re absolutely in love with the “Killing Floor” game. Aug 20,  · Killing Floor 2 is built on Unreal Engine 3, which is good news for us because every aspect of this engine can be tweaked. Other games using Unreal Engine 3 should also benefit from these tips. (In-game you can open the console and type ‘stat fps’, it’ll bring up a FPS counter for you. No need to use the steam one or a recording software like fraps).


Killing floor 2 tweaks.Steam Community :: Guide :: More FPS on ANY Computer | KF2

Dec 10,  · ServerName=Killing Floor 2 Server ShortName=KFServer [Engine] MusicVolumeMultiplier= SFxVolumeMultiplier= BattleChatterIndex=0 GammaMultiplier= bMusicVocalsEnabled=false bMinimalChatter=True bEnableAdvDebugLines=false bMuteOnLossOfFocus=True bShowCrossHair=True . Control gameplay settings when playing Killing Floor 2 using this tweaker with intuitive options for audio, video, performance and more If you’re absolutely in love with the “Killing Floor” game. May 13,  · Killing Floor 2. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews These tweaks force all of the textures into memory from the get-go. This reduces latancy and frame lag by a huge extent, but frames per second is usually the same.
Killing Floor 2 Tweaker released!
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Killing Floor 2 Tweaker | Angry Sheep Blog
Intel: server building blocks

Intel has announced seven different building blocks for servers, including boards, prefabricated chassis and more., which are for OEM system integrators.

Dual-processor Pentium III SCB2 board on ServerWorks ServerSet III HE-SL chipset for 1U servers, (up to 6 GB memory, 6 PCI slots), Intel Server Chassis SR1200 (1U chassis for 2 x IDE or 3 x SCSI devices, one full-size and one low-profile 64-bit., 66 MHz PCI slots, four USB ports, two LAN ports and external SCSI) and Intel Server Chassis SR2200 (2U form factor, supports up to six 1-inch SCSI devices, three full-height and three low-profile 64-bit / 66 MHz PCI slots, four ports USB, two LAN ports, external SCSI) optimized for high performance rack servers. Server Board SCB2 based platforms can be integrated into OEM server solutions designed for a wide variety of applications.

Intel Server Board SDS2, Intel Server Board SAI2, and Intel Server Chassis SC5100 are optimized for various computing environments. Server Board SDS2 is designed for small to medium workgroups using email, web or database servers. Server Board SAI2, in turn, is aimed at small businesses, with a favorable price / performance ratio, also for general-purpose servers.

Intel Server Board S815BM1 Available Today in 1U Option. It also targets small businesses – for web servers, firewalls and DNS systems.

As for the rest of the announced server elements, they include: Intel RAID Controller SRCMR (dual channel Ultra160 / Ultra320 SCSI RAID controller, onboard 66 MHz 80302 processor and 32 MB onboard DRAM), Intel RAID Controller SRCU32 and Intel PRO / 1000 XT Server Adapter (64-bit / 133 MHz PCI, according to some sources – PCI-X), as well as the necessary software. These products are designed to improve the overall performance of systems based on the above platforms.

New line of boards and chassis is targeted by Intel for use with new Pentium III processors with 512KB cache. Data on the price of new products has not yet been reported.

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