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Libreoffice calc remove hyperlink


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To modify the “field hyperlink” link color (and in calc, the link background -> field shading): Menu Tools-> Options-> LibreOffice-> Appearance. Search for “unvisited links” or “visited links”, and change the color: For the field background in Calc, scroll down to the Text Document section (!), and change the “field shadings” setting. Right-clicking on the object and selecting ‘Remove hyperlink’ only seems to remove hyperlink data for some types of objects. When the above fails to remove hyperlink-ish behavior, right-click on the object and then select ‘Clear Direct Formatting’. If push comes to shove, and the text is all that’s desired, right-click on the object, select ‘Edit hyperlink’, and then cut/paste the desired text from the hyperlink . You can also remove hyperlinks from an entire text by: Select all (CTRL+A). Right-click on highlight > Remove hyperlink.


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Jun 10,  · Re: How to delete or remove a hyperlink. by acknak» Wed Jan 02, am. To convert the links to plain text, select the cells containing links and do: Format > Default. To turn off the recognition, do: Tools > Autocorrect > Options > URL Recognition . In LibreOffice Calc (Version: ; Build ID: m0(Build:2): select the cells containing hyperlinks Click on Format > Clear Direct Formatting (or just press Ctrl + M). Place the text cursor in the document at the point where you want to insert the hyperlink. Click the Hyperlink icon on the Hyperlink Bar. The hyperlink is inserted as text. If you want to insert the hyperlink as a button, click and hold the Hyperlink icon and select As Button from the sub-menu. Bar to define the hyperlink, click the icon on the.
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It looks like the Korean Hynix Semiconductor has found a worthy foothold with which it may well be able to ease its debt burden: the company announced that in August it intends to almost double the number of 128 Mbit DDR SDRAM chips it produces and bring the volume of shipments to 3.0 million. pieces per month. According to Hynix, this figure will be 45% of the total volume of DDR memory shipments made in July.

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