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Aug 05,  · Subscribe: ?add_user=Jumpinproductions Follow me on Twitch; Facebook, I will. Appearances. Mass Effect. Nelyna is an acolyte of the asari Consort, Sha’ira, and works as the greeter at the Consort’s Chambers on the Citadel. She is very friendly toward Commander Shepard, even though the Commander is not on Sha’ira’s client list for the day. Nelyna can answer questions about the Consort, and explain the role of the acolytes: they use their training to attend to clients whom Sha’ira does not . It doesn’t fire unless you charge it. It shoots a boucing “grenade” instead of a freaking bullet or hitscan. This isn’t energy drain, dammit. It’s more like a super-lightweight shield-stripping falcon cross-bred with an arc pistol. And it’s only got 12 round at lvl ted Reading Time: 4 mins.


Mass effect 3 acolyte.Acolyte | Mass Effect Wiki | Fandom

For Mass Effect 3 on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Best Acolyte Mods”. Mass Effect 3: Always take backup weapon with the Acolyte in single player – YouTube I did eventually manage to shoot both locks open. At the very end you can see I did eventually get the first. Apr 07,  · The Acolyte is available after downloading the Mass Effect 3: Groundside Resistance Pack. Multiplayer. Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The Acolyte is categorized as rare and requires the Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC pack. Player Notes [edit | edit source].
Best Acolyte Mods
Asari Acolyte
Acolyte WTF? – Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3
Nelyna | Mass Effect Wiki | Fandom
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Olympus unveils 3D Scantop for creating 3D models of products that can be used, for example, to create 3D presentations and then publish on the Internet.

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